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Travel visa for UAE !

 Timely Professional Service:

Our company issues visas coming straight from the Ministry of Immigration of the United Arab Emirates located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi. We give an excellent visa service without any need for hotel or flight bookings.
To secure a visa in UAE, you only need to submit:

1. Canadian passport colored scan.
2. Passport size scanned picture.
3. Visa application form scanned copy such as the one shown in the table below:
UAE Visas Available
Available UAE visas
2-week entry / tourist / visit visa 
1-month (extendable up to 40 days) tourist/visit/entry visa

Terms and Conditions:

Provide exit stamps if you have been in the U.A.E. in the past 5 years.
Submit a copy of your valid Canadian status if you don’t possess a Canadian passport but you have a Canadian status (e.g. work permit, Permanent Resident card, Student visa)
Fax or email us your copy of exit stamp from the U.A.E. Immigration once you’re back from your trip to Dubai, Abu Dhabi to avoid hassles or any complication in your future travel to the U.A.E
For applicants below 21 years old but has children, get in touch our friendly agents for further assistance about details of your application.
Remember that Visa application fee is non-refundable, so if your visa will be rejected, we provide you with evidence of rejection from the Department of Immigration for your


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