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Dubai SkyScrapers

There are apparently a huge number of skyscrapers available in Dubai. An opportunity of having a glimpse of one is something that one should truly never resist. These skyscrapers leave nothing but amazement to any tourists who would wish to view the place. Dubai SkyScrapers are indeed numerous. There are apparently a lot of skyscrapers that can be seen in Dubai. A chance to get on top of one of these Dubai SkyScrapers will definitely give any tourist a magnificent overview of Dubai. One of this is the Emirates Office Tower which consists of a 54 story building that is connected to the Jumeriah Emirates Tower. This building is considered as the 12th tallest building in the world. Another fabulous skyscraper is the Rose Tower with 72 floors that is also popularly known as the “Rose Rotana Suites” This is site is currently still being renovated. Wait, there’s more! A 21st Century Tower is considered the third tallest residential building that can also be seen in Dubai. Most cabin crews of the Emirates Airline are occupying the place. This is one of the honeymoon packages Dubai that you should not miss out. Get in touch with our customer support to know more of our tour Dubai today! Have the best of everything when you go to this place.

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