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Dubai Tour Packges
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Explore Dubai  
3 Nights / 4 Days
USD - 375
Luxury Tour  
3 Nights / 4 Days
USD - 425
Shopping Tour  
2 Nidhts / 3 Days

Dubai Luxury Buses

Dubai bus rentals are possible at the last minute too. There is a huge fleet of buses available. There are mini buses for smaller groups that can hold about 24 people. There are also larger buses that can hold up to about 40 people meant for bigger groups. So, depending on the number in your group and your need, you can use the buses.Online reservation is possible and is strongly recommended, especially in the tourist season. You will be able to charter the bus on a private trip around the city. The air conditionings inside the buses along with all the other comforts that are present provide you with a unique experience.The seats in the buses are set high and you will have a smooth and exciting ride around the city. Dubai bus rentals also provide guided package tours where you will be taken on a sightseeing trip around the city.

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