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Dubai Grand Mosque

Perhaps one of the biggest mosques in UAE, Dubai Grand Mosque is being regarded as one of the most wonderful mosque ever built. With its capacity of 1200 worshippers, Dubai Grand Mosque has been in existence since 1900 A.D. and was originally a kuttab (a Qur’anic school) where children had an opportunity to learn Qur’an and be able to recite it from memory. In 1998, the Dubai Grand Mosque was reconstructed to be able to maintain its beauty and preserve the architectural design that portrays the richeness of Arab culture. At present time, this Grand Mosque that is situated near the Ruler’s Court has 45 small domes that is made up of stained glass panels, wooden shutters, and more. This is currently the main center of worship and one of the most important monuments in Dubai.As you get the chance to see wonderful sites in Dubai, a chance to have a glimpse in Dubai Grand Mosque is truly irresistible. Non Muslims are not allowed to enter but do not be disheartened as you can still view it from the minaret and be able to take a picture of this marvelous site. If you want to explore this marvelous site with your whole group or family, get Dubai tour that will surely complete your experience. Choose a tour Dubai from one of the options found here.



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