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Al Fahidi Fort Dubai

Dubai Al Fahidi Fort is apparently one of the most promising historical monuments in Dubai. Being built in 1799, this is fort is the oldest but magnificent masterpiece in Dubai. This was built defend the city from any possible attacks coming from the sea. As of present time, Dubai Al Fahidi Fort was converted into a museum also known as “Dubai Museum” There are a number of collections that can be viewed in the museum showing how significant the Arab’s culture is. A chance to visit the place will allow tourists to see the sailing boats, weapons, and other military outfits that were being kept and displayed to inform people of the history. Other historical things that can be viewed in the place are precious stones, metals, and more that are of high significance. What is more captivating are the dioramas, various pearls, and other precious collections that shows the significance of the Arabian culture. Indeed, a chance to visit Dubai Al Fahidi Fort is a wonderful opportunity for everyone. If you want to explore this place with your Dubai Tour Package, get in touch with our customer support now. Gear up and enjoy your travel now when you visit Dubai and choose from one of the Dubai holiday packages today!


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